The Workplace Gender Gap and How We Can Close It [Complete Guide]

Issues regarding gender gap are nothing new. It is a problem that has been occurring not just in the United States but also Worldwide. Despite the increase in awareness and various discussions about the issue, there is still a lot to do in order to close this gap.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey & Company, companies and organizations in America have not made much progress in addressing the issue regarding gender gaps in the workplace. 

Results from the study showed that women working in corporate firms do not lack the needed education or skill set for the job. However, the main reason why they are unable to hold higher positions is because of the gender. 

In addition to this, women often have to give more proof of their competence to be considered for a job of higher standing compared to men. Women of color are the ones who often experience these types of situations.

Gender Gaps In The Workplace

According to Excite, the gender gap is a type of discrimination that is more focused on one’s gender. This results in people being in a disadvantageous position due to their gender. May it be job positions, promotions, income or workload, these are all factors that come with this issue.

Interesting statistics from Skillcrush showed that women make up 47% of the American corporate workforce. Despite the number of female workers, CEOs who are women make up just 5% of the total CEO count. 

This shows the struggle of women to keep a job with a high position while facing gender inequality at their workplaces. Women suffer from discrimination and this can be observed in the form of job positions and even in their salary.

Here are some insightful statistics from Built In which might help in increasing more awareness to this issue:

  • 23% of women are often assumed to being incompetent at work.
  • 15% of the female workforce population receive lesser support as compared to men in the workplace.
  • 7% of women are denied job promotions or rejected from the jobs they applied for.

Gender gap issues are due to society being tied down by old habits. According to Workable, most of the C-suite jobs like manufacturing and technology were handled by men before. It became a norm that men are the usual applicants for these types of jobs.

Since then, there has always been a bias against women. Women have become stereotyped as the ones who stay at home to take care of the family and do the house chores. This is why a lot of people think that women are unable to hold positions that have greater responsibilities.

Obstacles Women Face At Work

With so little activities done to fix the impending issue on gender gaps in the workplace, women still have a hard time in their workplaces. According to As You Know, these are the leading issues that encourage workplace gender gaps.

  1. Salary Differences
  2. Sexual Harassment
  3. Denied Job Promotions

Salary Differences


It is a well-known fact that women no longer fall behind in terms of education. According to Status of Women Data, there are a lot of women who have various degrees in different fields of professions. 

Statistics from the Institute for Women’s Policy’s research show that for every dollar men earn from their jobs, women just earn 49 cents.  This goes to show the lack of fairness in wages and salaries between men and women despite education not being the problem. 


Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is a common problem the occurs all around the world. This issue is not only limited to corporate firms and organizations, sexual harassment can happen anywhere. However, in the workplace, it can be considered gender inequality.

Although this problem is more prevalent for women than men, men still can be victims of this serious issue. This is according to the National Partnership. Sexual harassment can have negative impacts on their work productivity, performance, employee engagement and women would even quit their jobs because of sexual harassment. 

According to an online survey from Stop Street Harassment, 81% of women have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime. This is not a problem that can be overlooked. Since it affects the mental health of the people victimized by such acts.


Denied Job Promotions


Women can be viewed as less capable in a workplace setting. This is one of the reasons why women don’t get promoted to higher-ranking job positions.

Since most leaders believe that men are more capable of doing the more difficult tasks, women are often not given the chance to become leaders even though experience has shown us that women do make great leaders. According to an article on CNN, women always have to work harder to get promotions.

In order to prove their capabilities in handling complex tasks, women have to present more proof to validate their education and skills. Thus, despite working the same number of years in experience, women still tend to lose to men in terms of job promotions.

How To Close The Gap

Closing the gender gap isn’t as simple as it sounds. According to Ellevate, despite numerous studies conducted on the benefits of diversity, a lot of companies still struggle to create change.

Here are some of the ways to close the gender gap that is experienced in your company.


Salary Transparency


Despite having the Equal Pay Act of 1963, wherein men and women are entitled to have equal amounts of salaries, there are still a lot of women earning a lot less than men. This is according to CNBC.

In order to fix this dilemma, companies have to be transparent about their salaries and wages. This is to make sure that their employees are aware of how much they are getting paid for doing this much work on an average 8-hour shift every day.

Build Diverse Core Values

Having core values that not only cater to male employees but also females can also be helpful in building a culture that is centered on gender equality. According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, having diversity in the company’s core values has a lot of benefits.

One of which is the elimination of gender stereotypes within the workplace. This can help eradicate the belief that women can’t do things that men can do. Such an outdated belief needs to be erased from a company in order to promote a healthier work environment.

Improve Company Culture

According to Business News Daily, companies should invest in building cultures that helps their employees feel a sense of belongingness in the workplace. With belongingness and acceptance as the main focus, this will help implement gender equality.

With this in mind, it will be easier to deal with the negative behaviors of other employees. Since leaders will be able to point out people who don’t embrace the company culture and follow the company’s rules.

Create a positive company culture that also embraces women in leadership. Current leaders play a huge role in this as empowerment of leaders help shape company culture. Women make great workers and leaders. 

Women are an indispensable part of the workforce and as such, women should be treated with equal respect. With equal treatment between male and female workers, you’ll also have better chances with keeping top employees as everyone has equal opportunities for career advancement. 

Closing the gender gap requires the cooperation of everyone to bring about full awareness on the matter. Practice and share our guide so more may know about the workplace gender gap and how we can close it. As what Frieda Pinto said, “gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight.”