4 Best Ways to Improve Employee Engagement [Complete Guide]

Employee engagement is a crucial factor for the success of an organization. It involves a lot of elements such as employee productivity, retention, performance and even impact company culture.

While having an engaged workforce is ideal, it can be a challenge to improve employee engagement. There can be hindrances for the development of employee engagement but with the right strategies, it can be achieved.

We’ve done the research for you and compiled the best ways to improve employee engagement. Here are the strategies you can follow for your organization to reach its next level:

Choose the Right Leaders

Leaders are paramount as they affect the direction of where the company’s heading, it’s culture and the morale of the workforce. Excellent leaders have high emotional intelligence. 

They have the skills and knowledge to influence people.

For leadership, don’t choose those who perform the best at their job. While excellence is a requirement, that is just an entry-level trait for leadership. Potential matters more as a leader’s job is to be good with handling people and not just be great at doing general business operations.

With the right leader, employee engagement can be achieved through empathy, recognition and motivation. This is also how empowerment of leaders shape company culture

Leadership Training

The success and failure of an organization depends on its leaders. While more and more companies have been giving more value to leadership, companies are still facing a leadership gap. These statistics from Team Sylverster shows how critical the gap is:

  • 77% of companies reported they are experiencing a gap in leadership.
  • 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. They bring along with them valuable leadership skills and know-how in doing the business operations.
  • 64% of Millennials reported that their leadership skills are not being improved.
  • 83% of organizations believe that it’s important to develop leadership in all levels.
  • Just 5% of them implemented leadership training and developments in all levels.

Promoting the value of good leadership and acting upon it are two different things. Moreover, while leaders have the influence and authority to improve employee engagement, leadership training can be a catalyst for employee engagement.

Even when you have an excellent leader, if the workforce is disengaged and has low morale, it can be daunting for the leader to create some changes. With leadership training, everyone can be instilled with the knowledge and skills on how to be more self-empowered and become more productive and engaged at work.

Leadership training also helps current leaders to further develop their abilities. This ensures a consistent competence in leadership.

Be Empathetic and Give Recognition

There are a lot of studies that have shown the strong link between empathy and recognition to employee engagement. Here are the statistics:

  1. According to Recruit Loop, engaged employees are 87% more likely to stay at their company.
  2. 93% of workers mentioned that they are more likely to stay if their employer is empathetic. – Businessolver
  3. 70% of employees reported that their motivation and morale would increase in a significant manner if their leaders would thank them more. – Reward Gateway

When employees are appreciated, they can become engaged and an engaged workforce is 21% more profitable. This is according to Gallup. Here are steps on how you can become more empathetic to your employees:

  • Call employees by their names.
  • Compliment them for their excellent work.
  • Understand their circumstances.
  • Show them your support.
  • Listen to listen, not listen to react.

Being empathetic to your employees is also another way on how to create a positive company culture. It’s a way to improve employee retention and it motivates them to become more committed to their work. 

It’s also one of the best steps to boost employee morale in the workplace. If workers know their employer has their back, they will give their trust and become more engaged.

Offer Ideal Employee Benefits

Offering the right employee benefits is one of the best strategies in keeping your best employees. But more than to give you a competitive edge in recruitment and in keeping your employees, it also helps improve employee engagement. 

Employee benefits help improve employee satisfaction, happiness and overall health. All of these help contribute to better employee engagement. 

Employee benefits can enable workers to have more flexible options at work or to even make work more fun for them. Moreover, it also helps them with financial security and it can help boost their loyalty.

Some employers even help their workers to refinance student loans. Here are statistics about employee benefits:

  1. 78% of employees would prefer to stay with their employers because of the benefits that they offered. – WTW
  2. Over 60% of employees are willing to accept a job with lower pay as long as the job offers greater employee benefits.

A good sign of an organization having good employee engagement is when their workers want to stay not just because of the salary but also because of the benefits and culture of the company.

If you believe your organization needs to improve its strategy in employee engagement, try the strategies we’ve shared with you in this article. Top companies make use of these strategies and they’ve proven that the methods work.

Improved employee engagement can be a game changer for your organization. Strive to put into action these 4 best ways to improve employee engagement to increase revenue, customer ratings and happiness at work.